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Requiescat in Pace

In a past post, I talked about the effects of toxic masculinity and how groups are trying to combat it for future generations. What I missed was the baggage that older generations carry from toxic masculinity and the ways it has shaped their lives. Even if they do not grow up in abusers and homophobicContinue reading “Requiescat in Pace”

A Veil of Ignorance

On September 11, 2001, Two hijacked airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center on the order of a man who believed that America was a great evil in the world. Thousands died and millions mourned as live footage of this tragedy was broadcasted live on all major networks. In the aftermath of the attack, itContinue reading “A Veil of Ignorance”

A Crown of Violets

Crowns of violets and roses*you wore beside me.*Many ritual garlands coiled around your tender throat*made of flowers***in full bloom –Sappho When I was in high school, I attended an all-girl, pronominally black catholic private school that was found to help educate black girls by nuns. A memory that still resonates with me was the expulsionContinue reading “A Crown of Violets”


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